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textures: fruitpunch

A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile.

It's been some time, huh? actually it's been so long that I feel intimidated to post something here... These are really random (ha, as if that was anything new...) and huge (1800x1200 in average) and don't ask me how I came up with the awesome names for them. my doctor's guess yesterday was an intestinal infection. yeah, I was wondering, too... anyway... here they are...

previews and download (zip-file) of the fruitpunch-pack (6)Collapse )

please comment&credit in case of downloading/using :)


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very gorgeous! thank you!
OMG 0_0
so much thanks for youuu <3
oh wow, it's been like almost 2-3 years since I've used your textures. I'm glad to have somewhat stumbled across your journal. I've taken your textures and many more. ^^; (I don't wanna spam your inbox ♥ 8D) will credit in my resource post. thank you so much.

**EDIT: I correct myself. Actually close to 3-4 years. xD;

Edited at 2008-01-20 12:33 am (UTC)
These are wonderful! I'm snagging and will credit.
thank you so much..

i took a lot from here >__<

i have learning so much her.. bounch of ♥ for you
*falls in love with the really dark one*

Have snagged - will credit when used
again, i've downloaded these. thank you so much for sharing them! :)
lovely textures as usual. thanks!
saving and will credit when using! (:
Tres pretty! Merci!
Great textures! :) Downloaded them and will credit when using.
so pretty, downloaded and will credit
Beautiful! Snagging this set.
These are gorgeous, snagging the zip, thank you!


your backgrounds are really great
They are awesome, thanks a lot. Wanna make some wallpapers and really needed some fantastic textures like these. Gonna credit!
Ooh these are lovely! Snagged. Will credit!
thanks a lot;)
Downloading and crediting, thanks!
What gorgeous textures! I love the bigger sizes as I'm tending to make more wallpapers these days than icons. Thank you so much! I will credit in my resource post.
Beautiful! Thank you!
Wow all of these are so pretty! Will credit when I use them ^^
snagging, will credit!!
gorgeous, downloading
Snagging this, they're lovely! Shall definitely credit if used!
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