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Icon Textures: animated snow

it's winter again. it's snowing on icons, but look! it's a natural phenomenon. conformity! wherever I look, it's like I know the falling flakes personally. huh!
apparently my attempt last year to get a bit more variety into that was a fight against windmills.

but I'm not a quitter, and so I'm trying something different this time. new snow animations. there's no need for credit, seriously, I'm happy enough when I get to see some different snow for a change ;P you may even repost them, if you like.

8 animated snow textures for iconsCollapse )

Donna Quixote

ps: comments are welcome though and don't forget to have fun! :D


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I'm being lazy and stealing your snow. *lol*

Thank you. =)
Thank you for sharing :D
thank u... i really need it :D
Ooo, I may use these one day for Christmas icon. :D
These are great! I made my own snow icon from scratch once, but these days I just don't have the time and patience.
:DD wahh !! thanks alot
Thank you so much! Saved and will credit you in my resources
Can't wait to try!!! :D
Lovely snow textures! Just what I was looking for this year when I lost the ones I used to use last year. Thanks so much. :)
oh, i've been looking for them for so long! thanks for sharing =)
thank you. :D
I love that you made these and shared. Thanks.
Eventually will make my own, but will use these as so easy and quick.

I'll friend this community as you're doing lovely stuff. So pleased to have found you.

Tia xx.
Thank you. Definitely gonna use these this holiday. :)
You're a lifesaver!!
Thankyou so much =D
Snaggin'. Thanks. :)
Ooh, thank you for these! :D

(I know I might sound dense, but I've managed to open them up in Photo shop and animate them, but how do I add them to my base? Any help is greatly appreciated!)

I am so going to use these - they're just what I needed but never knew how to make

directed here from a challenge at a landcomm I'm participating in.
Taking the rar, thank you so much for sharing :)
Here via roxicons. Thank you so much for these and for the tutorial!! Wonderful stuff that turns graphics program instructions into English!! Off to practise, now. The icon is last year's attempt so you can see I really needed you!!
Does someone have these uploaded? I'm really wanting these.
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