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Icon Textures: Noisy Watercolors & Shiny Tentacles

I'm still obsessed with tentacles, so when I got some time to play this is what happened, I also rediscovered some of my old watercolor brushes, that would explain the rest of it.
oh, btw, they're 200x200 sized as I'm always working on that size and resize in the end, plus I'm trusting that you're all capable to resize them on your own, and hey, that way you can even crop them the way you like! ;)
(as always no stock images were abused in the making)

D O W N L O A DCollapse )


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snagged! thnx, you are already in my credit list :D
taking the first set. thank you!<333
Downloaded. :]
Will credit.
I've snagged those, and found out that they're perfect to portray one of my character's mutated abilities. Is there any chance you could be doing a tutorial on these?
hey! My name is Elise. I love your stuff, and I think your brilliant. so I was wondering if you wanted to affiliate with ddg_textures??

PS.I didnt download these textures but theyre nice :)
Thanks a lot for your kind words :)
you actually made me blush and I'm flattered.
But I don't do the affiliation thing. I like flying under the radar and I even keep posting to comms to a minimum. I like to pretend that just a few friends keep hanging around here as anything else would make me uncomfy... Sorry, I know I'm weird ;)
Thanks for these, they're so pretty :)
Taking,thank you very much.
You're already credited ^_^
Downloaded these and your other textures, and will credit if I use them. Thanks so much for sharing!
these look really interesting! taking both probably! Will credit if used!
Ooh, they're beautiful!

I ganked them both and will definitely credit. Thanks again :)
nice! will credit!


I downloaded both! Their beautifully well done!
I'm sorry. The anonymous above was me.
When used will credit!
Downloaded. Will credit.
They look awesome!Thanks!

Downloaded! :) Thanks. These look pretty~
Beautiful stuff. Snagging and will credit when used :)


downloaded both and they are so awesome
Snagging these, will credit. Thank you!
DL-ed it. thank you!
Downloading and crediting, thanks!
They look lovely. I downloaded both, will credit you if I use them. :D
Took them both, they look beautiful! Will credit when I use them :).
really beautiful, downloading both.
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