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Tutorial: Springflowers textures - Pt. 01 - Drawing the Flowers

I know it's already been a while since I've asked you which texture I should explain in detail... but I had my fourth anniversairy of my personal LJ yesterday and missed it, so I'm celebrating today with this first part. heeee.
anyway, apparently the more grungy one won. The first step though will be the same as for any of the others, and I'll try to cover some parts of the others as well.

We start with drawing our flowers. Don't worry it's easier than you think. You'll have to use the pen tool though, but I'm not good at handling it myself so you won't have to be nervous ;)

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Have Fun! :D
Feedback is always appreciated!
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about the springflowers pack...

Hi there lovelies,

remember my last vectorish springflower pack?
I was asked several times about a tutorial on them, which is kinda impossible as there are a gazillion steps involved.
I could do several tutorials on some of the elements.
i.e. drawing the flowers, making the swirly thingies, designing the background, doing the coloring, brushwork and special FX. Even though I did use the pen tool of PS a lot for these, this clearly isn't vecor art. It's more imitating vector graphics, because I'm much more comfy with PS than with Illustrator *g*

I can't promise when I get around on doing them or even if I'm able to post all of this regularly-ish as life is crazy busy right now, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

sooo, which texture would you like to see me dissect?
Poll #1151213 springflowers tutorial

Which one should I focus on?


any questions, suggestions, comments? :)
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Icon Textures: Noisy Watercolors & Shiny Tentacles

I'm still obsessed with tentacles, so when I got some time to play this is what happened, I also rediscovered some of my old watercolor brushes, that would explain the rest of it.
oh, btw, they're 200x200 sized as I'm always working on that size and resize in the end, plus I'm trusting that you're all capable to resize them on your own, and hey, that way you can even crop them the way you like! ;)
(as always no stock images were abused in the making)

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random facts about the brush tool

1. Hi! Happy New Year!
2. my resolution: I'm trying to post more here...
(emphasize obviously on trying, resolutions&me are not very mixy. heee)
3. I organized the tags of this comm. go me!
4. I'm going to post about random Photoshop things (shortcuts, hidden features etc.)
(I always love reading those lists because often I learn something I haven't even thought about and I already have so many things in mind to post about that it should last throughout the whole year...)

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as always
Have Fun!
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Tutorial: Stardust effect

As the Winter/Holiday season is the only time I get away with my love for tacky over the top stardust effects, I've made some very sparkly things lately.
And as people actually asked (*gasp*) how I made them, I couldn't resist the opportunity to spread the stardust love... heee, let it glow!


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Have fun and spread the tacky stardust love! ;D
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Icon Textures: animated snow

it's winter again. it's snowing on icons, but look! it's a natural phenomenon. conformity! wherever I look, it's like I know the falling flakes personally. huh!
apparently my attempt last year to get a bit more variety into that was a fight against windmills.

but I'm not a quitter, and so I'm trying something different this time. new snow animations. there's no need for credit, seriously, I'm happy enough when I get to see some different snow for a change ;P you may even repost them, if you like.

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Donna Quixote

ps: comments are welcome though and don't forget to have fun! :D
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textures: tentacles for banners

see, this time I had a perfect excuse for not posting in forever since my computer was broke.
but now I have a shiny new one and it's awesome and I love it. and even though there's Vista involved my PS 7 is still running. I'm very happy. heeee.

anyway, here are a few texture banners. I'm in an expermental stage (as if I'm ever not...) and there are many tentacles involved.

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textures: fruitpunch

A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile.

It's been some time, huh? actually it's been so long that I feel intimidated to post something here... These are really random (ha, as if that was anything new...) and huge (1800x1200 in average) and don't ask me how I came up with the awesome names for them. my doctor's guess yesterday was an intestinal infection. yeah, I was wondering, too... anyway... here they are...

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please comment&credit in case of downloading/using :)
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Tutorial: Brightening of dark caps (very easy)

is there something like a too much of techniques how to brighten up screencaps?
and if so, are you tired of my obscure methods yet? bwaha!

here's another not very common one. Even though I like the result in a lot of cases...
it's kinda crisp and clean and keeps the shading and original colors even though it emphasizes them. it's also customizable. and easy. and quick.
(I'm doing everything the quick&dirty way, heee!)

should work in any graphics program that has the Blending modes Hardlight and Screen.


and after

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Have Fun!

Feedback is always very appreciated :)