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actions: the VM set

Hi :) I'm not dead in case you wondered. but I'm the annoying antitrend tonight... because I'm posting actions. at least I give people more reasons to rant. ranting is good. please don't do it flocked though. thanks. *g*

please make sure your cap is of a 72 dpi resolution. the results vary of course depending on the content of the picture/cap, i.e. if the main content is on the left or on the right side. I can't do anything about that, but I suggest that you do the crop yourself in these cases.

just use a coloring, then crop yourself, then use a finish.
that way you have more possibilies with the coloring anyway.

oh, and I'm calling it the VM set *g*
after you've downloaded and installed these actions (Photoshop 7.0) you will be able to do these and more (9 in total) icons with one click. or two... (and that's literally)

The Download

[The Actions] (right click and save as)

Attention: the actions only work with an English Photoshop. The Layer names are references and therefore the new Layers have to be called Layer not "Ebene" (German) or whatever language your PS speaks.

The Installation

1) Download the zip-file.
2) Leave a comment *g*
3) unpack the zip file and put the atn-files in the PS action folder
-> you can find it (probably) under this path:
Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Presets\Photoshop Actions
3) Open your Photoshop (in case it isn't already open...)
4) Go to your Actions pallette, that's the one probably located next to your History Pallette
if it isn't already open, go to Windows-Actions to open it.

5) Load the new Actions by clicking on the arrow on the upper right side and choosing Load Actions...
6) Load all four awmp_new_actionsets.
Don't rename them. they are calling each other.
I'm afraid you have to live with these names *g*

How to use them

1) Open the screencap of your choice
2) In your Actions Pallette choose one of the styles (for a full icon choose the Full folder, duh!)
3) after you selected a style it is highlighted, then hit the play button on the bottom of the pallette.

4) wait a few seconds while your Photoshop is doing all the work for you.
5) some of the sets contain text, you can change the text before you save the icon, you can also change the font. I've only used Arial/Times as everyone has these installed.
6) the final icon is 100x100px this time. if you want to change it further, go some steps backwards in history and adjust what you want.
7) you're finished. uhm, maybe you should change the text though if you haven't yet, just saying...


A. use only a Colorncrop and resize it in the end
B. use a only a Coloring and then crop it yourself...
C. use a Coloring of your choice (your own or one of mine) crop it yourself and add a Finish (this will do the same as the Full sets with the same name but with your own base)

Attention: all Finishes only work with 200x200 bases and a resolution of 72 pixels/inch!!!

D. use a Colorncrop with another Finish (you can combine all Colorings with all Styles)...
E. use a Colorncrop and add your own brushes/styles/text
F. use a Coloring, crop it yourself and add your own brushes

the possibilites are nearly endless *g*

Attention: the Colorings are made for icon size. they look awful (way too contrasty and grainy) on bigger pix, but will work great (at least sometimes) on little icons.
plus the colorings will not work on any screencap, you'll see what I mean when you're experimenting with them ;)

if your final icon looks blank...
I suggest that you make sure you've opened the screencap you were using and there was only one layer (the background layer) when you've started the action. if you paste a pic on another layer (even if it's only the original White/transparent background), it won't work.

The Styles

all the actions depend on the original caps you're using, if they are light or dark, if the main content is more on the left or the right, if they are close-ups or total shots and so on...
that's why you can use the actions after a modular design principle... with the seperated colorings and finishes... but it's also fun to hit just the full styles button and see what your PS comes up with ;)

Best Friends Forever! awwww!

Pain (look it's my lovely Glass filter *g*)

Mommy Dearest (why yes, I do have Mommy issues these days, thanks for asking...)

Lost Boy (at least I adjusted the Lilly icon to Lost Girl... and it's not a weird vampire movie reference)

Bestest Daddy (I LOVE KEITH!!!OMG!!!111!!)

Serial Killer (Serial Mom was on TV while doing this...)

Creep (I miss the old creepy bastard! *whines*)

Cutie (it's kinda xmasy...)

Oh dear! (that's what I'm thinking most of the time...)

* I don't mind if you pick them apart. If I was afraid of that I wouldn't post them.
* I'm all for open resource.
* it's only a fun tool.
* you don't have to ask for credit for me for the icons you've created with the actions. you don't ask people to credit the people who made your textures/brushes/etc neither, right? just do the same crediting as for these things. that's more than enough.

and I just cut&pasted this. ha. I so don't change my mind on this *g*

screencap credit:
_jems_ of course

FAQ: Known issues/problems and the solutions...
aka if you would have read all of the above you wouldn't have these problems... just saying...

  • If you get the Error message: Could not use the custom shape tool because the specified shape is not available...
    if you're using PS CS or haven't All Default Custom Shapes loaded you will get the following Error Message:
    Could not use the custom shape tool because the specified shape is not available
    if this is the case make sure you have All Default Shapes loaded. Select your Custom Shape Tool, and right next to the little box where you can choose the shape of the shape there's this little arrow where you get a pull down menu that says 'Load Shapes...'. Select All, and everything should run smoothly.
    if you have Photoshop CS you might wanna DL All Default Shapes of PS 7.0 first :)

  • if your result looks like a huge mess of just some pixels without content
    you might wanna check if your original pic is of the right resolution. you have to work with a resolution of 72 dpi for the original pics to make the actions work properly. if you're cropping all by yourself use 100 dpi instead for the optimum result.

  • if your icon has lots of monochrome space on it and the pic is in one corner...
    then you've used a pic of the wrong size. the actions are intended to work on screencaps of around 1024x576 px (normal) and 640x368 px (small). if your pic is of another size I can't promise good results. try to change the original pic to a size near one of these two...

  • if your final icon looks blank...
    I suggest that you make sure you've opened the screencap you were using and there was only one layer (the background layer) when you've started the action. if you paste a pic on another layer (even if it's only the original White/transparent background), it won't work.

  • If you work with a different language version of Photoshop...
    the actions just won't work properly. The Layers have to be called Layers and nothing else.

  • Have Fun!
    please comment if you're downloading and credit if you're using the actions :)

    edit: oops, there is an issue in the bff full action. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. if you cannot live without it I suggest you check back tomorrow and DL the set (again). sorry! :)
    fixed! forgot to reset swatches. i always do that, heee.
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