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awmp in awmpdotnet

textures: fruitpunch

A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile.

It's been some time, huh? actually it's been so long that I feel intimidated to post something here... These are really random (ha, as if that was anything new...) and huge (1800x1200 in average) and don't ask me how I came up with the awesome names for them. my doctor's guess yesterday was an intestinal infection. yeah, I was wondering, too... anyway... here they are...

previews and download (zip-file) of the fruitpunch-pack (6)Collapse )

please comment&credit in case of downloading/using :)


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These are really nice! Taking and you're credited in my U/I. Thanks so much :)
God, those are amazing! The second, fourth or fifth might be exactly the thing I need for my new layout (if it ever gets done...) Thank you for sharing!
Lovely! Downloading, will credit. ♥
These are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much, I downloaded them and you're already in my resources. Again, I really appreciate this! ♥
These are beautiful! Snagging, will credit when used.
Downloading, will credit when used, thanks much they're lovely :)
wow these are beautiful, downloading. thanks!

These are gorgeous! Will credit.
Taking these, they are beautiful. Will credit with use.
Gorgeous, thank you!
Wow,wow, those are awesome. Downloading them, thank you. :)
these look amazing! downloading and adding to my resource post, thank you :D
These are beautiful. I've downloaded them for credited use.
These are awesome, I'm definately taking and will credit you. ^^
Took these, thank you! I love your "awmp" circles. I see those and know they're you!! #2 or #3 would make a kick ass LJ header
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