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Icon Textures: animated snow

it's winter again. it's snowing on icons, but look! it's a natural phenomenon. conformity! wherever I look, it's like I know the falling flakes personally. huh!
apparently my attempt last year to get a bit more variety into that was a fight against windmills.

but I'm not a quitter, and so I'm trying something different this time. new snow animations. there's no need for credit, seriously, I'm happy enough when I get to see some different snow for a change ;P you may even repost them, if you like.

I'm pretty sure there are tuts outthere how to use them, because it seems lots of people were able to use the apparently only snow texture evah on this planet.

apparently you can't open animated gifs in CS3 anymore (I wouldn't know as I'm still using 7.0 *g*), but according to some tech articles, the psd-files work.
so here they are:

Donna Quixote

ps: comments are welcome though and don't forget to have fun! :D


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Thank you! I've added your tutorial to my memories too.
animated snow is really very easy to make, but apparently people are lazy, who knew? *g*
have fun if you try the tutorial! you'll see it's addictive ;)
Totally adding this to my memories so that I can use them later. =D I love the ones that actually look like flakes!
AAH! Beautiful! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I've been looking for some prettier ones myself! These do the trick QUITE nicely! Snagging all of them!
Love the Eureka icon, one of my fav shows.
Saving, thanks bunches!
Hey, I did ine icon recently, using you last-year tut!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I saved your new textures and I'm going to experiment with them (and poor BtVS characters :))).

Thank you!!!
heee, good thing that there can't be enough icons of BtVS characters outthere ;)

*hugs back*
looks good on your icon :)
The only time I made a snowy icon (last year? two years ago? I cannot remember), I made the snow myself. However, I figure that it can't hurt to have a couple of these around just in case I don't feel like making my own snow the next time I make a snow icon. Thanks for sharing.
These are awesome, I'm totally going to mod my xmas icon with one of these. Thanks for sharing!
I love these! Thank You.
That is so kind of you! I haven't tried any snow icons yet, though I followed your tutorial last year and tried to get my head round it. These are great! Thank you muchly.
Hee! I think I will use them... a lot.
Saving all of them, thank you! I now promise to stop using the same generic falling snow animation in every icon.

LOL! Well, Donna, I tried, honestly, I did! Except I use Ulead Gif Animator 5, and I got frustrated trying to do the tut. Took me a while to do my wallpaper, and by the time I got done, was in no mood to wrestle with yet another tut! I ended up using "snow" from an image tut I found. But I do like yours, and if I ever do a snow icon, I'll use one of them.
Keep fighting those windmills, though. I love the art that results.
weee, I love the wallpaper, it's so very cute!
haha and I never stop fighting the windmills, I'm stubborn like that ;)
Staring at all 8 in a row is rather mesmerizing. Nice job on them :)
Heh, I know what you mean. I've seen quite a few icons using the same snow effect these days. But because they were all SPN icons, I assumed they were just made by the same creator. I didn't know there were ready-made textures! This is really nifty, I'll test it out on the Psych icons I plan to make later. Great timing! :) Thank you!
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