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Icon Textures: animated snow

it's winter again. it's snowing on icons, but look! it's a natural phenomenon. conformity! wherever I look, it's like I know the falling flakes personally. huh!
apparently my attempt last year to get a bit more variety into that was a fight against windmills.

but I'm not a quitter, and so I'm trying something different this time. new snow animations. there's no need for credit, seriously, I'm happy enough when I get to see some different snow for a change ;P you may even repost them, if you like.

8 animated snow textures for iconsCollapse )

Donna Quixote

ps: comments are welcome though and don't forget to have fun! :D


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Ooooh..thanks for sharing these and I took a peek at your tut! Easier than the way I was making snow *laughs* Now if I can figure out how to use one of these instead of hand making more snow....*laughs*
Ooo, I like these. I could never get mine quite right. Thanks for sharing these though.
Grabbing the snowflakes ones! Thanx! I'm too lazy to make my own. XD
Snagging & love
Saved them all and added your tutorial to my memories. Thank you for sharing! :)
Open them in ImageReady instead, that way you'll get each frame as a new layer :)

uhm wait, I've just read that there's no ImageReady anymore in the CS3 version??? I know why I'm still using my 7.0...

sorry, as I don't have this version I have no clue, but I'm going to look into it. Do you have Adobe's Fireworks?

Edited at 2007-12-12 07:56 am (UTC)
how do you add these to icons. to make it animate? i tried copy and paste but it's not working.
Now THIS is handy! I was sick of making little dots on layer after layer to get the snowfall effect. o_o Thanks a ton!
Great Job! This is so helpful!
Thanks a lot!
I'm being lazy and stealing your snow. *lol*

Thank you. =)
Thank you for sharing :D
thank u... i really need it :D
Ooo, I may use these one day for Christmas icon. :D
These are great! I made my own snow icon from scratch once, but these days I just don't have the time and patience.
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