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awmp in awmpdotnet

Icon Textures: animated snow

it's winter again. it's snowing on icons, but look! it's a natural phenomenon. conformity! wherever I look, it's like I know the falling flakes personally. huh!
apparently my attempt last year to get a bit more variety into that was a fight against windmills.

but I'm not a quitter, and so I'm trying something different this time. new snow animations. there's no need for credit, seriously, I'm happy enough when I get to see some different snow for a change ;P you may even repost them, if you like.

I'm pretty sure there are tuts outthere how to use them, because it seems lots of people were able to use the apparently only snow texture evah on this planet.

apparently you can't open animated gifs in CS3 anymore (I wouldn't know as I'm still using 7.0 *g*), but according to some tech articles, the psd-files work.
so here they are:

Donna Quixote

ps: comments are welcome though and don't forget to have fun! :D


animated snow is really very easy to make, but apparently people are lazy, who knew? *g*
have fun if you try the tutorial! you'll see it's addictive ;)
Hey! I resemble that remark!:lol: Thanks for making them.
A few years back I was totally addicted to making animated gifs, mostly with hand-drawn (mouse-drawn?) movement. It was so much fun, but very time consuming! I just used to duplicate layers, then change them, pixel by pixel.
I'm lazy! I know how to do it but hey, I would rather not get RSI on christmas day. Thanks and will credit!