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awmp in awmpdotnet

Icon Textures: Noisy Watercolors & Shiny Tentacles

I'm still obsessed with tentacles, so when I got some time to play this is what happened, I also rediscovered some of my old watercolor brushes, that would explain the rest of it.
oh, btw, they're 200x200 sized as I'm always working on that size and resize in the end, plus I'm trusting that you're all capable to resize them on your own, and hey, that way you can even crop them the way you like! ;)
(as always no stock images were abused in the making)

D O W N L O A D:

awmp_shinytentacles.rar [right-click and save as]
(20 jpgs, 200x200, ca. 1 MB)

awmp_noisywatercolors.rar [right-click and save as]
(39 jpgs, 200x200, ca. 2 MB)

comment&credit in case of downloading/using are nice and appreciated :)


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these look awesome! i downloaded 'em :)
Downloading the second set and you're already credited ;)
Thanks, downloading now...

Thanks you so much for sharing - have downloaded both sets!
Downloading, thanks!
They look awesome.
Thank you so much for sharing.
That first one is stunning. Snagging, will credit :)
Hm, interesting textures, both of them. Thanks.
lovely textures! particularly the tentacle ones! am downloading and have credited you in a resource post in my profile!
lovely, thank you!
Tentacles ftw! Thanks.
Awesome, thank you! *hugs, too*
They look awesome :) Thanks a bunch, will credit.
Have downloaded!
gorgeous! snagging! (you're already credited in my icon journal's info. :-D)
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