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awmp in awmpdotnet

about the springflowers pack...

Hi there lovelies,

remember my last vectorish springflower pack?
I was asked several times about a tutorial on them, which is kinda impossible as there are a gazillion steps involved.
I could do several tutorials on some of the elements.
i.e. drawing the flowers, making the swirly thingies, designing the background, doing the coloring, brushwork and special FX. Even though I did use the pen tool of PS a lot for these, this clearly isn't vecor art. It's more imitating vector graphics, because I'm much more comfy with PS than with Illustrator *g*

I can't promise when I get around on doing them or even if I'm able to post all of this regularly-ish as life is crazy busy right now, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

sooo, which texture would you like to see me dissect?
Poll #1151213 springflowers tutorial

Which one should I focus on?


any questions, suggestions, comments? :)


you should tried to do a little bit of all three.
lots of elements are part of the making process in all of them anyway. It doesn't really matter what kind of flower when I'm explaining the technique... but each style has some uniquenesses in the creating process and I would go insane if I tried to explain it all.
That why I will focus on one style. But really, most things I'm going to explain can be easily adapted to the other textures as well :)