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Dec. 10th, 2006


Tutorial: Brightening of very dark caps (quick & dirty)

As Anita's wish is my command the next rambling of mine will be about animated gif optimization. But for now, a very quick way to brighten up dark caps and reveal hidden details.
That's actually one of the shortest tuts I've ever written :) you'll end up with only four layers *gasp*
It's the quick&dirty way, and if the caps aren't of the very best quality you will get problems with the graininess, but other than that it works just fine *g*

examples: before and after

no color layers, no screen layers, no selective coloring, no curves, no variations.
wait, what's left then? heee! well, a softlight layer and levels. that's it.

Brighten Up!Collapse )

That's it, have fun! :)

Feedback is very appreciated.

Dec. 4th, 2006


Tutorial: animated snow

hmmm, is anyone else mesmerized by the same freaking animation of snow on every other winter icon you're seeing on your flist? frankly it drives me insane...
you would think there are enough animation tutorials out there but for my own sanity I'll add another one ;) just to make sure we'll have some variety in the falling snow action...

it's easy, I promise.

quite smoothly animated falling snowCollapse )

that's not that hard, is it?
for my sanity, please make some new snow animations? pretty please? *puppy eyes*

and Have Fun! :)

Nov. 29th, 2006


wallpaper: Mommy's little Angel (aka pure Kitsch)

for the all the Mommies here around *g* this is a perfect wallpaper for the season...
plus grandmas love these things, too ;)

works with pretty much every cute photo... and it's very easy.

walktrough for Mommy's little AngelCollapse )

wow, to write this up took longer then expected. heee.
I mean the whole wall was done in ten minutes, but the walkthrough? hours...
Have fun! And kitsch up your life! ;)

comments are as always appreciated :)

Nov. 14th, 2006


the art of fake vectoring

for some weird reason people are wondering about the fake vectorish effect I used on some icons I made... therefore a quick recap of the effect...
the result is kinda like this from a real photo.

not a tutorial. more like a walkthrough for the vectorcheat effectCollapse )

that's it. if there are any questions feel free to ask.
and as always have fun! :)

Aug. 14th, 2006


textures: random (including sparkly&vintage)

Look, who's posting again (!!) but don't fear this won't become a bad habit, soon enough you'll be safe from me again...
I just wanted to share some textures/backgrounds because I hate it when things get wasted.
These are really random (ha, as if that was anything new...) and huge (1200x800 in average).
if you wanna see them in use, I made this wall for example with one of them.

previews and download (zip-file) of the diverse-pack (7)Collapse )

previews and download (zip-file) of the vintage-pack (3)Collapse )

previews and download (zip-file) of the sparkly-pack (2)Collapse )

please comment&credit in case of downloading/using :)

Aug. 13th, 2006


A Vintage Icon Walkthrough

Because I keep getting asked about this vintage effect on the Doctor Who Hello? icon, I decided to write a very quick walkthrough, because I'm too lazy to answer it again and again *g*
it's actually fairly easy, and it doesn't require a lot of work, just some basics and a little imagination ;)
This is not a tutorial, but a walkthrough. You quite definitely need to adjust steps and settings to make them work for your own choice of screencap.

A walkthroughCollapse )

as always have fun! :)

May. 25th, 2006


textures: random lights. freakishly huge. and also just freakish.

these are huge (1800px wide). I needed them for a RL project, therefore they are so freakishly HUGE. but the advantage is you can crop them any way you want ;)

and they do look much better in their large incarnation. the crops out of them are quite pretty actually *g*

more previews and the download of the zip-file for the freakstreaksCollapse )

more previews and the download of the zip-file for the lightswirlsCollapse )

and just for fun... a random space stockCollapse )

please comment when downloading & credit if you're using them :)

if you are interested in making your own light textures, I've written a few tutorials with tricks&tips for making them. they pretty much cover everything I've done for the lightswirls. the freakstreaks are a technique I haven't explained yet though. but it's not very interesting anyway ;)

May. 3rd, 2006


basic tools: free transformation

things like that in less than a minute with the default tools...
warning: it's addictive *g*

Fun with your Free Transform ToolCollapse )

now imagine what you can do if you start using more than one shape! *gasp*
or, or, colors!

and to give you even more ideas here an interlude:

convert fonts to custom shapesCollapse )

Have fun playing! :)

May. 1st, 2006


Colorings: Color Layers, Levels, Curves (e.g. that Blue Exclusion look)

most of us are aware that you can do things in PS in around 1000 different ways with practically the same output if you only know what you are doing... it's what I love most about me beloved Erich :)
therefore I'm rambling about coloring techniques and tools today. three fairly popular colorings and how to do it with quite a few different techniques *g*

I'm explaining how to achieve it with Solid Color Layers, Levels, and Curves. Just to get you familiar with your tools. This is basic PS knowledge, so for most of you this should be uninteresting :)
nothing complicated here... just explaining some adjustment layers... it's not about the coloring look or the exact values I've used, it's more about what the tools do and general guidelines :)

basic screencap improvementCollapse )

that exclusion look...Collapse )

...with Solid Color LayersCollapse )

...with LevelsCollapse )

...with CurvesCollapse )

next time I'll be rambling about that Color Burn look and that Vibrant look... if I don't lose interest first *g* ... attention span of minus three minutes and all that jazz...

as always Have Fun! :)

Apr. 8th, 2006


tutorial: tricks and tips for making light textures V

as my dear PSP users always complain when I'm using the Lens Flare filter when making light texture tuts, I wrote a quick one without this filter (yay for caffeine that makes me hyper). Hope you're happy now ;P
I have no clue about PSP though, so don't blame me when I'm using other things that are PS only *g* (but I think this one is safe...)

also on a completely random note: yay! I think I've just repaired my washing machine and it spin-dries again, but booo! now I have no excuse for not wearing that ridiculous Hippie outfit to that FlowerPowerParty tonight....

tricks&tips for making light textures V
- Light textures with the gradient tool -

this one will be fast... actually like all of my light texture tuts. heee.Collapse )

as always: Have Fun! :)

uhm and also, what's with the sudden increasement of watchers of my little comm? I start feeling paranoid... which could also be the caffeine, but still... *looks around suspiciously*

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