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Blue's graphics resources & tutorials

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AWMP's Icon Resources
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Hi, this is Blue's (aka awmp) resources journal. Which basically means that I'll post my stock images/tutorials/brushes/actions or whatever my restless mind comes up with next here. If not otherwise noted I've used Photoshop 7.0 for any tutorials.
Everything posted on June 24th, 2005 was originally posted in my personal journal, I just copied and pasted it, so there is some personal junk left. I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to edit it out...

on friending
Feel free to friend this community. there's no need to join it.
the posts will be public and only myself will have posting access.

  • please don't hotlink

  • don't claim anything I made as your own

  • credit is nice

  • feedback and comments are very welcome :)

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