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Tutorial: Stardust effect

As the Winter/Holiday season is the only time I get away with my love for tacky over the top stardust effects, I've made some very sparkly things lately.
And as people actually asked (*gasp*) how I made them, I couldn't resist the opportunity to spread the stardust love... heee, let it glow!


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Have fun and spread the tacky stardust love! ;D
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Tutorial: Brightening of dark caps (very easy)

is there something like a too much of techniques how to brighten up screencaps?
and if so, are you tired of my obscure methods yet? bwaha!

here's another not very common one. Even though I like the result in a lot of cases...
it's kinda crisp and clean and keeps the shading and original colors even though it emphasizes them. it's also customizable. and easy. and quick.
(I'm doing everything the quick&dirty way, heee!)

should work in any graphics program that has the Blending modes Hardlight and Screen.


and after

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Have Fun!

Feedback is always very appreciated :)
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Tutorial: Brightening of very dark caps (quick & dirty)

As Anita's wish is my command the next rambling of mine will be about animated gif optimization. But for now, a very quick way to brighten up dark caps and reveal hidden details.
That's actually one of the shortest tuts I've ever written :) you'll end up with only four layers *gasp*
It's the quick&dirty way, and if the caps aren't of the very best quality you will get problems with the graininess, but other than that it works just fine *g*

examples: before and after

no color layers, no screen layers, no selective coloring, no curves, no variations.
wait, what's left then? heee! well, a softlight layer and levels. that's it.

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That's it, have fun! :)

Feedback is very appreciated.
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wallpaper: Mommy's little Angel (aka pure Kitsch)

for the all the Mommies here around *g* this is a perfect wallpaper for the season...
plus grandmas love these things, too ;)

works with pretty much every cute photo... and it's very easy.

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wow, to write this up took longer then expected. heee.
I mean the whole wall was done in ten minutes, but the walkthrough? hours...
Have fun! And kitsch up your life! ;)

comments are as always appreciated :)
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Colorings: Color Layers, Levels, Curves (e.g. that Blue Exclusion look)

most of us are aware that you can do things in PS in around 1000 different ways with practically the same output if you only know what you are doing... it's what I love most about me beloved Erich :)
therefore I'm rambling about coloring techniques and tools today. three fairly popular colorings and how to do it with quite a few different techniques *g*

I'm explaining how to achieve it with Solid Color Layers, Levels, and Curves. Just to get you familiar with your tools. This is basic PS knowledge, so for most of you this should be uninteresting :)
nothing complicated here... just explaining some adjustment layers... it's not about the coloring look or the exact values I've used, it's more about what the tools do and general guidelines :)

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next time I'll be rambling about that Color Burn look and that Vibrant look... if I don't lose interest first *g* ... attention span of minus three minutes and all that jazz...

as always Have Fun! :)
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basic techniques: saturation and contrast

I haven't been online much during the past weeks because of health reasons, so I haven't had time to post this even though I had it ready a few weeks back... well, now here it is...

adventures in color correction: saturation

sometimes I wonder why people make things so complicated, I'm lazy, very lazy, so everything that's easy and time saving is very welcome in my world.
therefore I'm using easy reproductable techniques for basic screencap improvement (because then I can save them in actions and don't need to do the same few steps over and over again).
I've mentioned that I'm a lazy person, right? also a busy person, so I don't see the need to spend a lot of time for the basic stuff.

here's one of my techniques to get more saturation and contrast into screencaps.
it works on all high quality caps that lack of color and contrast (but are not miscolored) because I don't use picture specific techniques like curves etc for which you need to make the adjustments dependent on what the cap looks like.

the outcome is nice nontheless. and a good start to work on the actual coloring when you're finished with the basic improvement.

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as always: Have Fun!

screencaps from The X-Files DVD Screen Grab Archive