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basic techniques: saturation and contrast

I haven't been online much during the past weeks because of health reasons, so I haven't had time to post this even though I had it ready a few weeks back... well, now here it is...

adventures in color correction: saturation

sometimes I wonder why people make things so complicated, I'm lazy, very lazy, so everything that's easy and time saving is very welcome in my world.
therefore I'm using easy reproductable techniques for basic screencap improvement (because then I can save them in actions and don't need to do the same few steps over and over again).
I've mentioned that I'm a lazy person, right? also a busy person, so I don't see the need to spend a lot of time for the basic stuff.

here's one of my techniques to get more saturation and contrast into screencaps.
it works on all high quality caps that lack of color and contrast (but are not miscolored) because I don't use picture specific techniques like curves etc for which you need to make the adjustments dependent on what the cap looks like.

the outcome is nice nontheless. and a good start to work on the actual coloring when you're finished with the basic improvement.

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as always: Have Fun!

screencaps from The X-Files DVD Screen Grab Archive
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the basics of a contrasty and coolish coloring

Hi, my name is Blue and everything I drank today had caffeine in it.
in other words, I'm hyper.

also I found it very amusing that after I posted my last tutorial on the basics of Vibrant Coloring suddenly a lot of tutorials popped out of nowhere showing how to achieve the same effects with only very slight changings of the techniques I've showed.

heee. no, honestly, it was amusing. I'm not bitter or offended. I'm all for the knowledge sharing, so I guess the more tuts that show the same, the better, eh? *g*

and I left some icon comms that I don't like how they are handled by the mods a long time ago anyway, now I should only stop to check them out from time to time out of curiosity. heee.

so here are some "new" techniques that are a bit underused even though they are powerful. here are only the basics, you'll see that they can do a lot for you when playing around with them :)


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have fun fiddling around with these techniques :)

and feedback gives me a happy ;)
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Tutorial: the basics of Vibrant Coloring

heee, I'll never be an elitist icon maker if I don't stop sharing all my "secrets"... (if you were here you would have now seen me doing the airquotes, on screen it just doesn't look as cute as me actually doing it...)

hmmm, as I don't like the term elitist and I don't wanna be called icon maker I guess I'm fine with the concept though *g*
here you are, as apparently people are all over my vibrant coloring (you know I'm kidding, right? but some of them actually did like it)...

the basics of vibrant coloring

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I hope you found it helpful :)

feedback is as always very appreciated, as I'm sharing the indepth "secrets of icon making" here. (I've done the airquotes thing again, in front of my computer. I bet Erich thinks I'm totally losing my mind...) *pets poor Erich* (that's my Photoshop's name for those of you who don't know me *g*)

off to work out and fulfilling my civil duty. (it's big election day overhere today for those of you interested in politics. strange thing is that if the conservatives will win we'll have a female Chancellor and the head of the coalition party will be gay. teeheee, somehow this amuses me a lot. that's our conservative choice... my little heart beats a little more left and ecologically though)