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Tutorial: Springflowers textures - Pt. 01 - Drawing the Flowers

I know it's already been a while since I've asked you which texture I should explain in detail... but I had my fourth anniversairy of my personal LJ yesterday and missed it, so I'm celebrating today with this first part. heeee.
anyway, apparently the more grungy one won. The first step though will be the same as for any of the others, and I'll try to cover some parts of the others as well.

We start with drawing our flowers. Don't worry it's easier than you think. You'll have to use the pen tool though, but I'm not good at handling it myself so you won't have to be nervous ;)

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Have Fun! :D
Feedback is always appreciated!
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about the springflowers pack...

Hi there lovelies,

remember my last vectorish springflower pack?
I was asked several times about a tutorial on them, which is kinda impossible as there are a gazillion steps involved.
I could do several tutorials on some of the elements.
i.e. drawing the flowers, making the swirly thingies, designing the background, doing the coloring, brushwork and special FX. Even though I did use the pen tool of PS a lot for these, this clearly isn't vecor art. It's more imitating vector graphics, because I'm much more comfy with PS than with Illustrator *g*

I can't promise when I get around on doing them or even if I'm able to post all of this regularly-ish as life is crazy busy right now, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

sooo, which texture would you like to see me dissect?
Poll #1151213 springflowers tutorial

Which one should I focus on?


any questions, suggestions, comments? :)
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hey, my computer is booting again, my internet connection is back and I'm exhausted (more on that in my personal LJ soon *g*)

thought I share some Photoshop 7.0 Custom Shapes I made from some pretty fonts. Please comment if you download them as I'm hosting them on my own webspace. Credit is not necessary though as the only thing I've done is choosing the fonts and the letters and converting them into Custom Shapes, saving them to the Shape sets and uploading them on my webspace where they will be hosted... *g*
they are quite useful though, as the default Shapes of PS get boring after some time, and the big advantage of Custom Shapes is (as they are vector based) you can use them at any size...

some previews

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