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Tutorial: Stardust effect

As the Winter/Holiday season is the only time I get away with my love for tacky over the top stardust effects, I've made some very sparkly things lately.
And as people actually asked (*gasp*) how I made them, I couldn't resist the opportunity to spread the stardust love... heee, let it glow!


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Have fun and spread the tacky stardust love! ;D
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wallpaper: Mommy's little Angel (aka pure Kitsch)

for the all the Mommies here around *g* this is a perfect wallpaper for the season...
plus grandmas love these things, too ;)

works with pretty much every cute photo... and it's very easy.

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wow, to write this up took longer then expected. heee.
I mean the whole wall was done in ten minutes, but the walkthrough? hours...
Have fun! And kitsch up your life! ;)

comments are as always appreciated :)