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some kind of style guide: pop art (part3 - patterns)

originally posted at awmp on 5/26/05

I've just replied to a million of comments so I don't feel so guilty when I'm already posting again *g*

patterns: making and using them...
and more...

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used for example to create these icons
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

coming up next: text (font recs and effects and general tips)

part 1 (basic elements) can be found here (I) and here (II).
part 2 (brushwork) can be found here and includes some downloadable brushsets.

there are only two parts left of this guide (the text one which will coming up next and the last one will be a complete walkthrough, I haven't decided for which icon I will do the walkthrough, so if you want to see a specific popart icon of mine walked through, tell me about it *g*)
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some kind of style guide: pop art (part2 - brushwork)

originally posted at awmp on 5/19/05

I feel crappy today for no apparent reason...
oh, well, *shrugs* so I can also post the next part of the kind of pop art style guide that I'm procrastinating since uhm, a long time now...

so today I ramble about brushwork and shapes, and I'm also sharing some of my own favorite popartish brushes
and more...

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please comment&credit if you're downloading the brushsets.

used for these icons for example

previous parts (basic elements) can be found here and here.

coming up next: patterns, how to make and how to use them...

ETA: upon multiple requests I've added imagepacks for the brushsets :)
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some kind of style guide: pop art (part1 - basic elements II)

originally posted at awmp on 2005/05/08

first thing for today:
Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms (or soon to be Mommy's) on my flist :D

then here's the second part of the so called pop art style guide...
more basic techniques, this time

duotones, shapes, outlines, color halftone, geometric elements
and more...

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the previous part can be found here.

coming up next: my ramblings on brushwork. which might include downloadable popartish brush sets, in case I'm brave enough to share mine...

thanks so much for the nice feedback on the first part, it's really appreciated as these tutorials take an awful long time to write up and prepare. so it's nice to know that they are appreciated :)

and may I say that I love the icons that were inspired by this guide so far, because I do :D
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some kind of style guide: pop art (part1 - basic elements I)

originally posted at awmp on 2005/05/05

pop art: style elements and basic techniques

so, my attempt to make pop art more, uhm, pop, kinda got too long for one post, so I cut it onto pieces. this first part will cover some common style elements and explain the techniques to achieve them. even though I'm talking about icons here, the techniques are very general...
I included icons I have used the styles for in each chapter.

starburst, retro dots, silhouettes, overcontrasted b/w images
and more...

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coming up next: more basic elements, such as duotones, shapes, outlines, color halftone etc.
if there are any questions, feel free to ask :)