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Fun with Filters III

I'm still uncharacteristically quiet, I know... it's the season I guess. Fall and I don't match...
also I should start making muffins for a friend's birthday tomorrow and I'm procrastinating. therefore a new tutorial.

it's a kind of how to avoid using brushes everyone is using and come up with something that's a little more versatile. oh, and I'm talking about borders, I should have mentioned that before, huh?

torn/rippled/rounded/etc. border effects

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off to make the muffins, and why the hell is the damn VM torrent so slow. and YSI kicked me out. again. *sigh* see, fall and I? are no friends...
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Fun with Filters I

remember when I wanted to continue my Pop-Art style guide? yeah, me neither...
so I thought I'm going to start a new series. heee. *has the attention span of a three year old*

filters are the most underused feature of PS when it comes to fanart and icons. seriously. it's like people are afraid of using them or something like that. so I'm going to try to take that fear away ;P

repeat with me:
filters. are. fun. and. easy.

we're starting with something very easy. we're going to make this:
and it's going to take approximately five minutes. tops. if you're doing it for the first time...

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you can use these kind of things as backgrounds for fanart/wallpaper/banners/headers/etc.
or you can crop it and make Light textures out of it.


heee. easy, ain't it? playing with filters is fun. *nods*
now go and and fiddle with the settings. because it's fun. *pushes you towards your PS*

coming soon: more Fun with Filters ;)
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tutorial: tricks and tips for making light textures

originally posted at awmp on 4/17/05

ok, so actually I've finished this tut (for textures like these) weeks ago, but i haven't gotten around to post it, so I'll just do it now... (probably because I had to cancel my tutoring jobs today. lol.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I'll explain an easy way to achieve these effects in here, so you can make your own light effects :)
it's actually not that hard and with adjusting the settings to your liking you can get stunning results.
I'm gonna show you the main technique and some variations, anything else is up to you. have fun :)

the big advantage of these textures is, that they don't change the colors of your icons too much and as the base color is 50% grey (which is the neutral color for screen and hard light blending mode and therefore not visible) they won't change the general lightness/darkness either. so yay, very handy! ;)

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off to work on the icon requests, and I'm starting to feel bad about still haven't replied to lots of comments. but I'm still planning to do so, very soonish...
and I'm feeling rather sick from too much (lovely though) food today. yay for big family parties *g*
oh, and GIP. lol.
but that's all, I swear.